Nature's health system plan

The basic idea of the holistic treatment of nature's health system

The holistic treatment of nature's health system is the basis for the recovery of chronic diseases, according to Tianlu Huigu.Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the person is an organic whole, between each part of the body's inseparable in structure, coordinate with each other on the function, influence each other in pathology. So the nature, the health care system in traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health medicine and the ancient Greek philosophy, India) bark tuo Hippocrates school based medical ideology, application and human life has a direct relationship between the material and the method, such as food, air, water, sunshine, gymnastics, sleep, rest, and healthy mental factors, such as hope and faith to maintain and restore the health of a science and art.

The philosophy guiding philosophy of nature is:Convinced that the body's self-healing ability, try to avoid in the process of its medical use any weaken the body's self-healing ability of medical treatment, can't ignore the body's self-healing ability, more can't use a variety of treatments instead. So nature the guiding principle is: care health education were treated by way of life, strengthen the body's self-healing ability, application of natural and nontoxic therapy.

There are five steps to the natural world health system:

First, the nature of the summer rehabilitation measures

Nature not rejecting western medical care, advocate the western medicine of advanced detection equipment and first aid treatment, major disease nursing combined with Oriental rehabilitation health preservation methods, to achieve a more ideal therapeutic effect.

Second, the nature of the way of the world

Massage is one of the oldest human medical methods, to achieve the ideal effect of massage therapy, the results of the external force is not only a simple technique, but a combination of massage function. Nature medicine keep main and collateral channels carry magnetic method combined with the magic of intelligent acupuncture - day lu hui valley meridian therapeutic apparatus, use up to 50000 gauss circular magnetic field, effectively penetrate into the human body, thus achieved in acupuncture and massage, the massage of magnetic unique day lu hui valley meridian magnetic method. You can do the following:

(1) adjust the viscera and balance the Yin and Yang

For internal system, whether it is a virtual card or empirical, cold syndrome or hot syndrome, also whether Yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, or Yin sheng, hand, shipped by day lu hui valley meridian magnetic method, let the body reach "Yin pingyang secret, spirit is" the effect.

(2) the qi and blood are tempered by the stasis

· promoting the formation of gas blood: acupuncture and moxibustion is used to promote the formation of human blood flow through the spleen and stomach.

· promote the blood run: as the day lu hui valley meridian therapeutic apparatus is as high as 50000 gauss magnetic field, the particularity of the action of the qi promoting, therefore the adults of stagnant blood particularly.

· Enters the body, strengthen the function of qi and blood: circular high magnetic, a high potential difference, accelerate the blood circulation, promote cells metabolism, improve tissue nutrition, correct ischemia, hypoxia, inflammation caused by edema, pain caused by material, etc.

(3) through the channels, the warm and cold

Meridian is within a belongs to the internal and external network in the segments of the system, the day of lu hui valley meridian therapeutic effect on the human body meridian starts whole body meridian qi, regulating channels, to achieve the therapeutic effect of qi, qi and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

(4) the rip-off, the slime joint

Regulate the reinforcement: Tianlu Huigu jingluo is an effective way to relieve tension, spasm and recuperation. Because acupuncture and massage can relax the muscles and muscles, it can also eliminate the tension and spasm.

The whole body, the slimy joints: Tianlu Huigu jingluo is a function of the whole body, the smooth and the smooth. Unique high circular magnetic treatment technology can make human body fluids to produce liquid turbulence, enhance the permeability of the body cells, improve the blood circulation of the local organs and material energy metabolism, correct the pathological state, restore physiological function such as biological effects.

Third, nature is the most important thing in the world

Fourth, nature is the most powerful magnetization of water

Natural water after high strength circular lines cut, break water molecules, the original collection of 16 water molecules and macromolecules regiment water into three to five water molecules composed of small molecular mass of water, a series of changes in physical properties of water, the water molecules of hydrogen bond Angle from 105 to 103 degrees, the formation of a large number of small molecular mass of water and activated water, activated water due to the small size has a strong permeability, can smoothly enter the body through biological membrane tissue cells, vegetative cell, disease-resistant sterilization. At the same time, the magnetization of chemical reaction, make water of hypochlorous acid react to produce large amounts of water dissolved oxygen, and with the activated water enter human body cell, to strengthen the blood oxygen exchange, effectively reduce the blood viscosity, prevent the formation of blood clots, strengthen blood vessel elasticity, prevent the happening of the disease of heart head blood-vessel. Therefore, often drink and meridian therapeutic apparatus magnetized activated water, can enhance the cell oxygen, promote metabolism, dissolves calculi, purify the blood vessels, improve the effect of intestines and stomach and digestive system diseases.

Fifth, nature medicine raises the morning and evening to comb the meridians

Modern medical research has found that the occurrence of chronic diseases has a lot to do with the digestive system, and the theory of the theory of occurrence is proposed. According to the function and principle of the human body, the eighth system of the human body can be listed as follows:

(1) the digestive system: the digestive system includes the mouth, the throat, the esophagus, the gut, the digestive gland. Reason: the digestive system is the first mark is the stomach, then there is the gut, if the stomach and intestinal damage, can affect the absorption of food nutrition, there is no guarantee that organs obtain sufficient nutrients, causing other system function and pathological changes of recession. Disease enumeration: stomach distension, gastric acid secretion chaos, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, enteritis, hemorrhoids etc.

(2) the immune system: the immune system includes tears, mucosa, lymphatic, liver, spleen, etc. Reason: because of the constant nutrient deficiency, the zinc iron selenium cannot absorb normally, the immune system is harmed.

(3)The respiratory system: Includes the nose, larynx, trachea and bronchus, lungs, pleura and mediastinal. Reason: the immune system damage, respiratory airway is blocked, a large number of toxin can not be effectively out of the body through the respiratory tract, accumulation in the respiratory tract is weak, the system began to appear lung function decline, airway inflammation, lung rubbish pile, etc. Disease enumeration: asthma, pneumonia, lung deficiency, tuberculosis, upper respiratory tract infection, lower respiratory tract infection, etc.

(4)The nervous system: the nervous system includes the brain stem, the interbrain, the cerebellum, the brain, the spinal cord, the brain nerve, the plant nerve, the spinal nerve, etc. Reason: the immune system, respiratory system cannot be guaranteed from the nutrition, reduces to the protection ability of the nervous system: nervous system damage, recession. Disorders: excessive pressure, irritability, irritability, insomnia, depression, neurosis, depression, neuropathic pain, etc.

(5)The circulatory system: circulatory systems include the heart, arteries, veins, blood, and lymphatic systems. The reason: the nervous system is chaotic, the response to nutrient demand is slow, the blood circulatory system is weakened by the ability of the detoxification, the circulation system begins to be damaged, the destruction. Diseases: microcirculation disorders, hypotension, hyperlipids, anemia, stroke, arrhythmia, heart disease, etc.

(6)The endocrine system: endocrine system including the pituitary gland, parathyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreatic gland and the gonads, thymus, reason: circulatory system into chaos, will reduce the endocrine system balance, confusion endocrine system began to appear blood sugar, insulin function recession, gonad chaos, disease, pox, hormone imbalance, hyperthyroidism, kidney empty, uterine fibroids, insulin function recession, diabetes, etc.

(7)Urogenital system: the urogenital system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra, and the reproductive system of male and female. Reason: lesions in the urinary system, urinary system balance ability is reduced, the system began to a decline in kidney function, prostate, disease list: kidney, frequent urination, urinary stones, cystitis, prostate disease, etc.

(8)Skeletal system: It consists of bones, joints and bones. Reasons: lesions in the above system and urinary system, skeletal system balance ability is reduced, the real deep tissue invasion into the human body, the system starts now bone cell hyperplasia speed, excessive loss of calcium, bone collagen damage, caused by osteoporosis, hyperplasia, etc. Disease: osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, bone hyperplasia, lumbar hyperplasia, arthritis, periotis, etc.

According to the order of human chronic disease,The digestive system is the first of its kind in the human body system, and only when the digestive system disease, would cause the pathological changes of other systems, the lesion from junior to senior, from simple to complex, from single disease to various diseases.From a single system to a variety of systems, a complex chronic disease is gradually developed. The digestive system represents the stomach and the intestine,the sequence of chronic diseases in the eight major systems of the human body is called "gastroenterology", which is the center of the gastrointestinal tract.Gradually form spread to each system, when other system lesions, intestines and stomach first enter into the state of disease or pathological changes, so in MaoShi, have combed the large intestine and stomach can rise to effectively regulate the stomach and intestine, stomach and intestine in a healthy state, only the human body can absorb nutrition food normally, to guarantee enough nutrient organs.

"The yellow emperor's inner scripture" : "the trifocal man, the official of the profane, the waterway is a way out." 12 the meridians line 12 hour, the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the last stop, then is the HaiShi 9 to 11 o 'clock at night, at the moment is a new day has begun, so to speak, the sanjiao (triple energizer) by the end of the action is six gas, HaiShi blood flow to the sanjiao (triple energizer) via the sanjiao (triple energizer) via the gas to master the human body, is the main channel of circulation of qi and blood, if the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the impassability, is bound to be born. , at the same time, the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the vitality of channels (qi, also known as the original qi, qi, is the most fundamental in the human body is the most basic, common saying big energy-sapping will have the risk of life, diseases, temperament, mood also belong to its feet) from the kidney and, by the innate essence of essence nourishing of relying on the day after tomorrow, on its feet through the sanjiao (triple energizer) lose cloth insides, full body, to stimulate and promote the insides of the functional activity, so the sanjiao (triple energizer) is the flow that mingles, balance of Yin and Yang, the body's natural health.

We understand that the nature is emphasized in MaoShi care, have, HaiShi comb, stomach, large intestine the sanjiao (triple energizer) through the importance of, in the treatment of chronic diseases rehabilitation, is bound to have twice the result with half the effort to do it.

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