Set up in 2016, it is a professional platform aimed at the big health industry, and dedicated to the modernization of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine.

Group to carry forward the traditional sinology, national physician, its traditional as own duty, the main business scope covers traditional medicine, biotechnology, plant pharmacopoeia, trace elements, DNA genetic testing, medical equipment, health products, cosmetics of traditional Chinese medicine, and many other fields, across the domestic and international trade at the same time, the health industry project investment and development, the medical career services, conference exhibition and professional skills training, such as category, formed the production, study and research, the development of science, industry and trade go hand in hand.


It is located in the related industries of nature, health, health, health, health and health

Relying on the association of Chinese folk medicine research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional Chinese society, Chinese medical foundation, by domestic and international numerous well-known health care experts and scholars started to carry forward the spreading of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, carry out the health keeping in good health culture, scientific research institutions

Lu Zhizheng

Lu Zhizheng, born in December 1920, China academy of traditional

Shi Xuemin

Shi Xuemin, Chinese medicine, acupuncture experts. member of Chin

Chen Luojia

Chen Luojia, male, graduate degree, researcher title, current Chines

Fang Heqian

Fang Heqian, born in 1923, are affiliated with the Beijing Red Cross


All-round attention to healthy people, leading the modernization of Chinese medicine science and technology process.There is a “ dreamer ” with, to achieve “Chinese dream, health dream”;

" We are committed to promoting the health of the natural health system, as China's health care therapy experts to “Chinese dream, health dream “ for the ultimate mission, the spirit of the spirit of “ So that all employees in the promotion of China's health care process to achieve a common value in the process of life! "

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